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Trending: Vintage Trader
23 Mar, 2016

They say all that glitters is Gold, but these days it's more likely to be hand beaten Copper or Brass. After two decades of stainless steel and chrome dominating as the must-have metals, the trend has now moved to warmer and softer shades of Antique Brass, Rose Copper...


Trending: Geometric Love
9 Mar, 2016

With beautiful, breezy proportions and light profiles, this trend of geometric shapes neatly fits within the modern Australian lifestyle, capturing the simplicity, innocence and style so desired in the contemporary home...


Trending: Industrial Colour
24 Feb, 2015

Gritty warehouses, factories and downtown loft apartments, the industrial look continues unabated. In general, the word 'Industrial' from an interior perspective evokes the idea of materials such as reclaimed timber, cast iron, cement cinder blocks, old pipes and scrap metal found in an abandoned warehouse...


Trending: Mid-Century Mod
8 Dec, 2015

Function was as important as form to Mid Century design. This trend emphasises clean and simple forms where the look is sculptural and bridges the man made and the organic...


Trending: Contemporary Cool
17 Nov, 2015

No fussy ornamentation. No clutter. Perfectly placed in inner city homes where every line counts towards Contemporary Cool. This trend of edginess and minimalism is based in the here and now. With its strong emphasis on form and line, these lamps will bring out the wow in apartment style living...


Trending: Hollywood Regency
6 Oct, 2015

What is it about shiny things? Whether it's jewellery, watches or even a Gold Smartphone, shiny things just seem to get all the attention. This trend invites golden age glamour into your home with luxe touches and hits of Gold. When done right, Hollywood Regency can be flamboyant yet smart and classy...


Trending: Pastel Palette
17 Sep, 2015

Spring has sprung, and with that comes this seasons colour trend - Pastels! These sugary hues are everywhere at the moment from runway fashion to interiors and even food. They are the perfect way to inject colour into a space in a subtle way, so you won't get sick of it in a hurry. Unlike those trends that are on the hot list for a maximum of 5 minutes, pastel colours have been around since the Renaissance (talk about a trend that keeps on trending)...


Trending: Country Coastal
18 July, 2015

Nothing beats a holiday at the beach so it's no wonder this trend sees so many people wanting to recreate that feeling at home. Country Coastal designs are laid back, there are no strict rules, as long as it makes you feel relaxed...


Trending: Cambridge Class
4 May, 2015

There's a certain effortless elegance that some are born with. It says class and Cambridge country clubs and social graces. Fortunately for the rest of us, we can still lay claim to this oh-so-English style. This trend adds a touch of tradition to any setting, but watch out...


Trending: Neon Pop
22 Jan, 2015

Life's too short to be beige. Well that's what we think anyway. If you haven't noticed the neon pop trend creeping up in the fashion world, then you've been living under a rock. It's taking over all the design realms from red carpet ball gowns on A-list celebs to trendy accessories such as watches and necklaces. Even world class athletes are getting on board (circa Rafael Nadal in this year's Australian Open). So it's no surprise neon pop is making its way back into the interior design world...


Sparked by Cirque du Soliel
1 Dec, 2014

Seems like Cirque du Soleil can turn just about anything into a mesmerizing performance, even lampshades. A new collaboration between Cirque du Soleil,
ETH Zurich and Verity Studios features 10 quadcopters carrying out the kinds of complex synchronized dance maneuvers we usually see from the circus' famed acrobats. If you close your eyes and switch on your imagination, you might just picture these secret happenings in our own factory once all have gone home for the night...


2014 Melbourne Design Awards
31 Oct, 2014

Earlier this month our latest catalogue took out the Silver award for Graphic Design Publication in the 2014 Melbourne Design Awards. Taking inspiration from our long history, heritage and design leading ranges, our 70th Anniversary Edition Catalogue contains real glimpses of photos and documents dating back to the very beginning in 1945. Designed by Vive Group in collaboration with Mayfield, our latest catalogue
is a celebration of the evolution of a proudly Australian company 70 years in the making...


Women of Winks
24 Oct, 2014

Fiona and I were lucky enough to attend the 2nd Annual 'Women in Winks" charity fundraiser lunch hosted by the ladies at Forty Winks. With 100% of proceeds going to Cancer Council Australia, we were honoured to participate and contribute to such a great cause...


Pran Central
22 Sep, 2014

Hanging beautifully in the busy Chapel Street shopping precinct are three bespoke designed pendants, aimed to brighten the central atrium and food court areas. A part of the Pran Central shopping district refurb, Mayfield along with the precincts design team, designed, developed and produced these trio of large cylinder pendant lights. The brief was to provide a warm ambience, without detracting from the available natural light via the building's large skylights directly above...


A Gig on The Block
8 Sep, 2014

Making it's television debute on this years series of 'The Block Glasshouse' was Mayfield's very own 519 Gig Black Wire table lamp. The lamps were carefully selected as the bedside lamps in the master bedroom of bubbly Newcastle couple Max and Karstan. Sticking to a design brief of clean lines and bold eye-catching pieces, the 519 Gig as a bedside lamp was the perfect addition to the bedroom...


Decor + Design Rundown
22 Jul, 2014

Last week we wrapped up another great show with Melbourne even turning on the sunshine for the event! Launching our brand new 70th Anniverdary Edition Catalogue, we were excited to display our latest deisgns for the first time. Designs ranging from contemporary cool through to timeless traditional styles lit up the stand...


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