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    "Contemporary design is rooted in the moment, as in this moment, here and now. Less is more, smooth profiles instead of ornamentation with solid or patterned fabrics. While it doesnít have the overt warmth of older design styles, it wonít cast a chill either. A strong emphasis on form and line gives contemporary style its energy, and because there isnít any clutter, every piece has to count. Youíll love it if... at art museums, you gravitate towards abstract works. Heavy curtains make you claustrophobic. Youíre tempted to stash most of your stuff in storage and redecorate all in White. "

    This one's all about fun!The little Pilot table lamp in Rocketship Orange with an integrated shade in white is the very latest look in contemporary fashion.

    See all the new designs from the 2018 Collection right here!

    Description:   Rocketship Orange with Shade in White

    Height:    355mm

    Lamp Type:   E27 Max 60w

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