• For Tears

    Product details

    The For Tears Pendant is fully customisable in a variety of sizes and proportions, available with or without a diffuser. It features a layered pendant effect and is pictured here in a supplied Baresque Diva fabric and our own C1 Natural.

    Dimensions as pictured here are D700 x H600mm

    The For Tears pendant can be made from any of our exclusive range of fabrics seen here, or specified from any of the leading wall covering and fabric houses.

    Suspensions are available in height adjustable, single cable, 3 cable, 4 cable or fixed rod suspensions styles, while a range of light fitting configurations are available to suit your application.

    See all our latest handmade custom work for Hospitality and Residential Projects across Australia and New Zealand on our Project page seen here.

    Contact us now for a quote +61 3 9755 7244.

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