Basic Shapes

shape_1 (1)


shape_2 (1)


shape_3 (1)

A Line Drum






Tapered Oval


Round Cornered Square


Round Cornered Rectangle






Tapered Square


Tapered Rectangle

Measuring Lamp Shades

All our lamp shades are measured in the same format:

Top . Bottom . Height
(slant height not vertical height)

To measure your existing lamp shade or to design a new one simply follow the same in this diagram.
TD = Top diameter
BD = Bottom diameter
H = Height (slant height, not vertical height)

For example: TD36 x BD41 x H30cm

For Square, Rectangle and Oval shades, both length and depth measurements will need to be provided instead of diameters.


The right size for the right base

Our lamp shades are available in a huge range of standard shapes and sizes or they can be made made in almost any custom size.

How do we choose the right size shade? Put simply, the taller the lamp, the larger the shade.

The diameter of the lamp shade is the most important dimension in choosing your ideal size. The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the lamp base, but not more than the lamp base height.

We recommend the following size guide:

Lamp Type Shade Diameter
Bedside Lamp 15 to 35cm
Table Lamp 30 to 45cm
Floor Lamp 40 to 60cm


Fitting Types

Base fit, Drop fit, Top fit, Finial fit, Harp, Clip on, Diffuser bowl. Our Lamp shades can be made with a mind numbing number of different fitting types. As standard, our lampshades are made with a 40mm/E27 fitting and supplied with a BC adapter, and they are raised 38mm up from the bottom of the shade.  All other fitting types are available by custom order.

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Base Fit

ID40mm/E27 fitting with BC adapter and a 38mm raise, standard on most Cylinder, Square & Rectangle lamp shades.


Drop Fit

ID40mm/E27 fitting with BC adapter and 38mm raise, standard on most Tapered lamp shades.


Top Fit

ID40mm/E27 fitting with BC adapter set down 38mm to suit pendants or optional ID10mm to suit a harp or suspension kit.


Clip On

Wire fitting to fit over small candle or fancy round light bulb, standard on our smallest lamp shades


Lamp shades can be made in any of our huge range of stock fabrics or in your own supplied fabric or wallpaper.

All our stock fabric shades have a colour matched fabric tape finish, or can be optioned with a neat rolled edge finish.

Most fabrics are suitable for making lamp shades. If in doubt, send us a sample and we will advise, but not guarantee, it’s suitability.

Lamp shades in customer supplied fabric will be made with a rolled edge finish, while wallpaper shades will be made with a fabric tape finish selected from our C1 colour range.

When supplying your own fabric, fabric metreage is calculated at 3.5 x the bottom diameter of the shade. Assuming a standard fabric width of 137cm, this will be enough to make 1-2 lamp shades. Fabric must be sent on a roll to prevent permanent creasing and any excess fabric will be returned along with the finished shades.


Download your copy of the Lampshade Guide here, or click on the link below!

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