Photo Via Fenton and Fenton. Featuring Soma Table Lamp

As any experienced interior designer will attest, lighting is the single most important point when it comes to creating atmosphere in your home. From ambient, task, accent to decorative here are our top tips we have gleaned from our favourite interior designers when it comes to lighting.

Layering light sources in a room is key

The notion that one large lighting fixture is the only solution has long been dispelled. Having only one light can cause unwanted glare and shadows, often drawing the focus away from everything else in the room. Adding three to four meticulously placed light sources to a setting evenly lights a room and eliminates dark corners. This is your chance to get creative by using a blend of table and floor lamps, candles and reading lights arranged in different areas in the space to achieve the ambience you desire. 

Find your focal points

Imagine your lighting serves as a vector line, nudging the naked eye to artwork, bed design or mirrors that you want to draw one’s attention. Be subtle, don’t point lights directly at the attraction, but place lighting beside them.

Photo via Norsu Interiors and ECC. Featuring Pia Sage Green & Arlen Desk Lamp

Kick glare to the curb

Glare can be a major issue in lighting. Aim to avoid lights that are too bright for the space. For example, large chandeliers are designed for two stories or higher foyers. Also be aware of mirrors and windows as a large proponent of glare is created through glass. This doesn’t mean you need to completely exclude exposed glass lighting from your space but opt for frosted glass shades in some areas. 

Let your dramatic flag fly

Flair for the dramatics? This tip might be your favourite. Make your table or bedroom lamp the focal point in the room by going big. Choosing an oversized table lamp creates visual stimulation and allows the piece to add much more than just light to a room. This lamp also acts as a centrepiece for other elements to be introduced including plants, vases, books and ornaments. Having oversized lighting on a table or bedroom side adds functionally to your home, allowing you to read, entertain and live in an abundance of warm light.

Make lighting cross-functional and add a dimmer when possible.

The term multipurpose room is more relevant now than ever. From home offices, dining to TV screening and entertaining, living spaces have to do it all. Introducing a dimmer allows you to control the mood and atmosphere. Plus, this is a great energy-saving tip and allows bulbs to last longer.  

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